What is Expression Engine

ExpressionEngine is a popular web based Content Management Systems (CMS), used for build a wide range of websites. It is a commercially based CMS built on a Open Source foundation. As it is a commercial product it has a dedicated and active team of developers and support staff and being part open source, its code base is open and extensible.

It is built around the CodeIgniter application framework used by hundreds of thousands of PHP developers around worldwide.

It is a very flexible content mangement system and does not limit content. It is suitable for building a wide variey of applications including: blogs, image gallery, calendar based application, complicated web applications.

Some of the advantages include:

  • There is a large active community of supportive ExpressionEngine developers
  • Simple, yet powerful templating system.
  • Excellent Documentation
  • Based on the CodeIgniter application framework
  • Numerous add-ons and plugins
  • Commercial support
  • Excellent security
  • Built in caching and optimisation options
  • Cusomisable control panel


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