Paramount Plugins: Why We love Gravity Forms

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of WordPress here at kri8it, and with WordPress development comes plugins of all shapes, sizes and functionality.

We’re going to start spotlighting some of our favourite WordPress plugins to give a better insight into the way we work.

First up is a premium plugin considered to be one of the best WordPress plugins available.

Gravity Forms

There are many form plugins for WordPress out there. Some are terrible, some are decent and some just get the job done. And then there is Gravity Forms, which manages to pretty much accomplish everything you have ever wanted in a form and still look good.

Gravity Forms is a complete solution and we have implemented it across almost every site we have built.

Here is a small list of what we love about Gravity Forms:


Conditional Responses

You can create a form that changes input options according to previously entered data


You can have notifications about when a form is submitted on the site as well as auto-responder messages to the user.

Client Friendly

Gravity Forms makes form setup so easy that your clients will also have no problem in creating custom forms on their websites.

Pricing Fields

This is great for smaller e-commerce solutions, you can add multiple pricing fields that lead to different options (remember those conditional responses).

Conversion Data

User data has become indispensable for the way we build campaigns and websites – Gravity Forms shows you where you are succeeding and failing.

Multi-page Forms

Does your form need to spread across several pages on your site? No problem.

Supports MailChimp

Form, meet Email. We may be living in the age of the Social Network but email is still a massively powerful communication tool. MailChimp is one of the best ways to run your email newsletters and campaigns and it supports Gravity Forms.

Flexible Gravity forms are insanely flexible and can be easily extended and integrated with WordPress with numerous available hooks.

Check out these sites where we’ve implemented Gravity Forms:

Springbok Atlas

Vital Health Foods



Vital Foundation

A few of the ways we have used gravity forms:

  • Polls
  • Contact forms
  • Multipage Competitions mapped to custom posts
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • Extending WooCommerce to accept customised donations
  • Custom Facebook apps
  • Setting up membership based websites

All of this functionality comes at a cost and Gravity forms is one of the more expensive premium plugins available for WordPress, but it’s really worth the investment.

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