Not on Instagram? Here’s why you need to be

Not on Instagram? Here’s why you need to be

This year, Kri8it has noticed a significant uptick in the amount of interest and engagement we are getting on our clients’ Instagram pages. This echoes a national trend – as Instagram proves to be South Africa’s fastest-growing social media network for the second year in a row.

The South African Social Media Landscape 2017 survey by World Wide Worx and Ornico found that the number of brands that were using Instagram in 2016 rose sharply from 42% to 62%. Furthermore, an additional 26% of brands plan to use Instagram in 2017.

We at Kri8it will also be focusing our marketing efforts on Instagram as costs are still relatively low and the available page management and analytical tools are as sophisticated as those on Facebook (which makes sense, as Facebook owns Instagram).

One way that we will continue to add value to our clients’ Instagram campaigns is with our conversion tool Linkperch. This is a solution to one major challenge on the platform, which is the inability to add a link to an Instagram caption.

Previously, the only way to get a potential Instagram follower to visit your website was to direct them to your profile page, ask them to click the generic link in your Bio and expect them to navigate through your site to find the relevant product page or competition entry form. With so many hoops to jump through, many potential leads get lost.

However, with Linkperch, you can:

  • Use a personalised link in your Instagram Bio that acts as a gateway to a range of urls – landing pages, product pages, online entry forms and more.
  • Linkperch then generates unique codes for any url. You add this code to your Instagram caption and ask your followers to click the link in your Bio, add the code, and they are then taken directly where you want them to be.

For valuable advice on your Instagram strategy, contact us now and chat to our social media experts.

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