Francesca Perring

Owner and CFO

Francesca is our Finance and Operations manager. Her experience in problem management has laid the foundation for our customer service ethos of clear communication  and respect. She supports our team with knowledge gained from her  studies in business communication and  12 years experince in the digital field.

Clint Perring

Owner & Creative Director

Clint founded our digital agency in 2003 when websites were still a nice-to-have. Ever since, he has put our clients’ brands ahead of the curve with strategic, leading-edge digital solutions. Driven by a belief that great can always be bettered, Clint has instilled a culture of learning at Kri8it, motivating the team to keep our knowledge and skills current.

Brad Perring

Project Manager

Brad brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to Kri8it, keeping projects running efficiently, on time and according to process. He has over 7 years of project management experience in the global corporate arena; and has spent more than 15 years working on IT-related projects in all areas of back-end technology infrastructure.

Charl Pretorius

Head Developer

Charl has an exhaustive knowledge of coding languages including C#, PHP, JavaScript, XHTML, HTML5, CSS3 as well as dabbling in Actionscript and Flex. WordPress is his weapon of choice and his inside-out understanding of this platform makes him an astute (and often demanding) mentor to his junior colleagues. The only things as close to his heart as digital technology are bodyboarding and music.

Hilton Moore

Senior Developer

Hilton’s lifelong fascination with technology steered him in the direction of IT and web development. Fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript, C#, PHP and SQL, he is always on the lookout for new tools to play with and is much appreciated for his up-to-the-minute programming knowledge. Outside of work, Hilton plays guitar in a band and takes to the sky with his pilot wife.

Francois van Zyl


Farn (not to be confused with our Owner and CFO Fran) is our new Developer learning how to build websites under the not-so-gentle tutelage of our Head Developer Charl. When he’s not setting things to ‘display: none’, you’ll find Farn playing guitar, longboarding or enjoying road trips. Like all of us at Kri8it, Farn believes that digital marketing is taking over the world. He also predicts that Comic Sans will make a comeback. He’s on his own with that one.

Flip Dippenaar

Head Designer

Flip has been kri8it’s design maestro from the very beginning. Behind his good-looking, highly functional designs lies an impressive amount of skill in Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. Flip understands that the smallest details are important on the biggest projects — which explains why he never has time to shave.

Tersius van Rhyn

Senior Designer

Tersius, our new Senior Designer, is a kayaker, hiker and golfer with a wealth of expertise in UX/UI and brand identity design. Other skills he brings to the table are the art of juggling and ‘being a morning person’ which injects even more energy into our already lively studio. Passionate about new digital trends like proximity marketing and real-time data gathering, Tersius is always looking for ways to take our work to the next level.

Matt Litkie

Digital Strategist

Matt, our resident social media, PPC and content marketing strategist, is passionate about brewing beer, surfing and digital analytics. He spends hours tracking the performance of our clients’ digital campaigns and optimising them to ensure they yield ideal results. He also keeps us up to speed on new trends in social selling, inbound marketing and digital content.

Linda Louw

Accounts Assistant and PA

Personal assistant to the CFO, Linda adeptly handles daily finances and general admin.
Her ability to keep our team calm stems from her experience as a qualified spa manager and therapist.