Introducing Fabric from Twitter

Introducing Fabric from Twitter

Twitter recently announced the launch of Fabric – a mobile platform made of three modular kits that enable the easier development of apps. It is also a way for the microblogger to be part and parcel of more mobile apps going forward.

In a nutshell, Fabric is a software development kits that rolls a range of useful technologies into one user-friendly platform. These include…

1. Crashlytics Kit

Fabric incorporates the services of Crashlytics in order to help developers build healthier, more stable apps.  Having an app crash can severely impact its ranking in app stores, which makes it harder to compete against the millions of other apps out there.

Crashlytics helps you to detect app crashes and then it is able to isolate the bug down to the exact line of code. This saves an incredible amount of debugging time.

In addition to this service, the Fabric Crashlytics kit also incorporates Beta by Crashlytics, which helps you to obtain user feedback before an app goes into production, as well as Answers by Crashlytics, for real-time, optimized app analytics.

2. Twitter Kit

In order to help developers get their apps noticed, Fabric incorporates the Twitter Kit, which includes three products – Native Tweet embeds, Tweet composer and Sign in with Twitter.

With Native Tweet, developers can embed Tweets in their apps and style these to the app theme with ease. Tweet composer enables users to share content with their followers while they are in-app and the Sign-in functionality makes authenticating with Twitter a whole lot simpler. Certain apps will even be able to ask their users for permission to share their email address with you.

3. MoPub Kit

The aim of this kit is to make it easier for developers to generate revenue through mobile ads. Developers can use Fabric’s MoPub Kit to integrate ads into their apps with just a few clicks.

MoPub is an ideal monetisation platform for mobile app developers as it allows you to implement multiple advertising projects from one platform. This kit supports all major ad formats including banners, interstitials, video and native ads – and allows you to adjust the position of your ads and choose how often they appear in your content stream.

With Fabric, you can pick and choose which of these kits you’d like to include in your app and Fabric will alert you when there are version updates available. To find out more about what Twitter can do for your business, chat to Clint today.

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