How we are using Instagram to generate highly targeted leads

How we are using Instagram to generate highly targeted leads

Leatt® develops high-performance products for extreme sports athletes living on the edge. Kri8it manages various aspects of the Leatt digital presence including and their various social channels. As part of their digital content strategy we manage social content plans and focused campaigns across the various social platforms. You can read more about the project here.

One such focused campaign was around the Supercross season in the USA. We conceptualised a campaign and competition where customers or fans could enter their contact details, share a bit about themselves and stand a chance to win a ticket to the event in their area.

We ran targeted campaigns as well as Facebook & Instagram ads directing users to a targeted landing page where they could find information about the events and enter the competition.

We saw interesting results and gained some valuable insights from this exercise.

St. Louis Event – Instagram


On Instagram we achieved a 49.315% conversion rate on the landing page. A cost of only $0.96 per lead.

These leads provide us with some detailed information around the customer – ie. rider vs non-rider, riders that use Leatt gear vs riders that don’t, riders that might have friends using Leatt gear. These findings are immensely valuable for future campaigns as they give us insights into return customers vs new customers.

We believe these are great results.

We have seen similar results in other areas:

Toronto Event – Facebook


$1.17 per lead


Foxborough Event – Instagram


$1.05 per lead


In addition to this while we have seen Facebook performing well in certain areas, Instagram has certainly outperformed Facebook in others.

There is movement and change taking place in the social space and Instagram is proving to be a serious contender from a marketing perspective for brands and businesses.

A broader storytelling social strategy is crucial to ongoing campaign success. You can read more about Digital Marketing here.

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