Find your fit at the Cell C Day of Races

Find your fit at the Cell C Day of Races

Our client, Stillwater Sports, is proud to launch South Africa’s most social 5km road run. The Cell C Day Of Races powered by Reebok offers fitness, fun and a sense of belonging – bringing to South Africa an entirely new format of running: the timed, 5km road race.

Michael Meyer, Managing Director of Stillwater Sports, believes that the concept of 5km racing is “long overdue” on the local fitness scene.

“It is the most commonly run distance world-wide and will certainly make road running even more accessible to runners of all capabilities,” he explains.

This landmark event takes place on 28 August 2016 in Johannesburg and hits Cape Town on 11 September 2016.

In order to position this new brand on the local fitness scene, create awareness and build hype leading up to the events, Stillwater Sports briefed Kri8it to generate a theme for the run, design a logo, develop a website and create a social media presence.

This year’s theme is Find Your Fit – which is all about celebrating fitness, fun, friends and fitting in.

In order to make sure that every runner ‘Finds their Fit’, this timed 5km loop through the city will be run in waves. Each wave focuses on a different category of runner, which gives every participant an opportunity to run at their own pace and connect with likeminded runners and fitness fans along the way. From race rookies to elite runners who have been around the block a few times, everyone is welcome. Participants are encouraged to “Dress up, dress down, dress to your wave or dress like a clown” in order to fully immerse themselves in the playful spirit of this fitness celebration.

Making waves

Kri8it generated the names for the five race waves, which include:

  1. PRETTY FAST – The women’s only wave that brings girls together to celebrate life, health and fitness.
  2. PACE MAKERS – For those over the age of 50, who perhaps set the pace in their heyday and are now setting the pace in their own way.
  3. SOLE MATES – For those running in pairs, whether they are in love, besties or family. There’s a prize up for grabs for the best dressed pair.
  4. YOUNG, FAST & FREE – For youngsters under the age of 18 years, who run on adrenalin and the thrill of being young.
  5. ANYTHING GOES – The open wave for old, young, fast or slow. Everyone is welcome!

It all starts with a logo

Since this is an entirely new event, the Kri8it design team was asked to develop a logo from scratch that echoes the fresh, fun feel of the brand while also being true to the Cell C corporate identity. The logo we designed is inspired by the race waves and brings though the Cell C corporate colours, using one relevant hue for each wave. The Reebok logo is also seamlessly incorporated.



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