Drive sales on Instagram with Linkperch

Drive sales on Instagram with Linkperch

Instagram is a powerful platform for engaging your audience. When it comes to directing them to your online shop or landing page, however, the process can get a little clunky.

Up until now, it was not possible to add a link to an Instagram caption. The only way to get a potential consumer to visit your website was to direct them to your profile page, ask them to click the generic link in your Bio and expect them to navigate through your site (on their mobile no less!) to find the relevant product page or competition entry form.

With so many hoops to jump through, how many potential customers were getting lost?

Now there’s a solution! Linkperch is an affordable, user-friendly conversion tool for Instagram and other social media platforms that has been developed by Kri8it to meet burgeoning demand for
social media marketing solutions that benefit the bottom line.


How it works

1. One Link
Linkperch provides you with one personalised link to add to your Bio. This acts as a gateway to a range of urls – landing pages, product pages, online entry forms and more – that relate to your various Instagram captions.

2. Unique codes
When you register with Linkperch, you can generate unique codes for any url you want to direct traffic to. You add this code to your Instagram caption and ask your followers to click the link in your Bio, add the code, and they are then taken directly where you want them to be.

Case study
Our client Leatt® engineers premium protective gear for extreme cycle, power and winter sports. Our social media team recently used Linkperch to drive traffic from a post on Leatt’s Instagram to a competition landing page on

The post featured an image of Leatt’s new helmet with a caption asking people to click the link in the Bio and add the code GPXHELMETCOMP. This took them through to a competition entry page where they could win a Leatt helmet.

Of the 1055 followers who engaged with the photo, Leatt gained 140 clicks through to the competition page. This represents a highly impressive 13.3% click-through-rate (CTR). Using Linkperch, we converted one simple Instagram post – just a photo with a caption – into 140 competition page visits for the minimal amount of $0.05 per click! No artwork or Instagram advertising required.

To find out more about this revolutionary tool for selling and marketing on your Instagram platform, visit or contact Charl at Kri8it today!


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