A sophisticated digital experience to suit Syntech’s diverse customer base

A sophisticated digital experience to suit Syntech’s diverse customer base

Driven by a love for technology, Syntech sources industry-leading tech products from around the world and distributes these throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. As their business has grown, their target market has diversified and expanded.

Syntech is in the process of taking their business to the next level and updating their website and online tools is an integral part of this growth. Kri8it was briefed to augment their existing website and e-commerce platform to offer more functionality for their growing user base, as well as create a more personalised, relevant and streamlined user experience (UX).

Planning process

The first part of this project was to conduct a thorough UX review of their existing platform – identifying and analysing the strengths and shortcomings of this digital journey. With the growth within Syntech’s business, their needs – and therefore digital objectives – had shifted considerably.

Syntech’s selection of products is vast and thus, their target market is not only large, but diverse. It was necessary to divide prospects into customer segments and strategize how we could cater to each segment’s unique needs from the moment they engaged with the site.

Armed with the results of our UX investigation and several strategy sessions with client, we began formulating a structure and design for the new website and e-commerce portal. We developed a series of wireframes and continued to fine-tune these, along with the UX, to ensure that Syntech’s new digital platform met both their expectations and business goals.

As this was a complex project, we defined a roadmap for rolling out the deliverables; and held regular meetings with Syntech to review progress and ensure we were heading in the right direction.

The new digital experience

The new Syntech website uses technology that analyses user data and activity tracking information to create a unique digital experience for each customer segment. The goal is to show each user content that is relevant to their needs, interests and industry. For example, the content and products we show a reseller from the Gaming industry is very different to what a user in the CCTV & Surveillance sector may see when they land on the site.

This helps to guide prospects through the sales funnel more effectively and ultimately ensures that Syntech is seeing a better return on their digital marketing investment.

Furthermore, the mobile experience has improved drastically and is a lot more user friendly with regards to how it flows and how users interact with it.

“The new site does everything the old one did, but better – and then it does so much more. It manages to be sleek, in that it is corporate when it needs to be, brochure-like when it needs to be and a holistic sales tool all rolled into one. I think this definitely helps Syntech stand out above other suppliers.” – Hilton Moore [Senior Developer].

Social media support

Alongside this development, we were asked to design a social media strategy to support the broader Syntech marketing effort. To this end, we have been consulting with Syntech on their social media activities, providing guidance on best practice for each platform, as well as artwork, training and oversight.

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